*Rachel, a frequent ProjectCiv participant, wrote a Letter to the Editor that was published in The Tennessean March 18th, 2018. Find the entire letter at: https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2018/03/17/civil-discussion-gets-things-done/425372002/

“Productive conversations start with being willing to have civil discussions about controversial issues. I have noticed that on college campuses, social media and even in Congress, people use these difficult conversations to yell derogatory words at each other. We continue to demand change, yet no one is willing to talk.”

“As a conservative in a predominantly liberal high school, I am constantly judged by my peers regarding my political ideals. What many of my classmates do not understand is that there is a way to approach an argument rather than attacking the person making the argument. This does not only apply at my school, but everywhere in the country.”

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