The Peaceful Transfer of Presidential Power

Don’t forget to check out our suggestions for how to host a ProjectCiv Discussion before you begin! (Hint: going over rules and starting with a moment of gratitude works great).

Some Resources for you:

1. Video from White House Historical Association

2. Voa Video

3. Why Millions Don’t Trust the Election Results Video

3. During his presidency, I defender Trump. But now his time is over.

4. Why So Many People Want to Believe the Election Was Stolen

Killing of Qasem Soleimani of Iran

This month, consider having your students participate in a structured debate, like a Better-Angles style debate, for this discussion.

Hey, Weren’t We Supposed to Be in World War III Now?

The President has the Constitution and Precedent on His Side

Killing Soleimani Will Unleash Chaos

The Soleimani Killing Is Badly Undermining

Donald Trump Stumbles Into a Triumph

11 Soldiers Treated For Concussion Symptoms